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Dental Implants

Better, brighter smiles through implant dentistry

Our Las Vegas dental implant team wants to help you fully restore your smile. Dental implants offer replacement tooth roots placed directly into the jaw. Each tooth implant replaces one missing or damaged tooth. Dental implants can be restored by crowns, bridges or dentures for a full and completely new smile.

If you’re considering replacing a damaged or missing tooth with a tooth implant, you should know that dental implants offer a lifetime of benefits! These can include:

- Easy, Clean Maintenance
- Long-Lasting, Full Smiles
- Natural Looking, Feeling Teeth
- Restriction-Free Chewing, Eating & Speaking
- Restored Confidence in Your Smile & Your Personality

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LAs Vegas tooth implant options

Inspirada Dental & Orthodontics offers the right combination of expertise and experience in dental implants. Our in-house dental implant specialists can help you both place and restore dental implants. We offer a comprehensive variety of restoration options, including:

- Dental Crowns - For patients who need a single tooth implant, a dental crown is the right restoration. The crown will provide the strength and appearance of a natural tooth.
- Dental Bridges - If you are missing several teeth, a permanent dental bridge can restore the function to your smile.
- Dentures - Patients missing most, or all, of their teeth may decide on fixed dentures, for a highly reliable way to regain your beautiful smile.