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Dr. Fahad Dar

General Dentist - Henderson, NV.

Dr. Dar smiling
  • In addition to Dr. Dar’s zeal for life, he’s passionate about creating unique dental care plans that give every patient who crosses the threshold the optimal level of care.

  • Patients may not realize this, but Dr. Dar is quite the adventurous type outside our office doors. He’s often on a “hog” with the wind in his face or enjoying the exhilarating feeling of floating down to Earth with nothing but a parachute.

  • Dr. Dar volunteers in his free time for the American Red Cross and has volunteered for the Thalassemia Society of Pakistan.

Dr. Fahad Dar began his career in dentistry in 2018. Since then, he’s demonstrated, time and time again, that his passion for patients is equally as strong as his zeal for life.
He believes every patient is unique, and it takes getting to know each one to customize a care plan for them and make the most of their experience with him.

He has a strong educational background to help him stand out even further, attending the prestigious Lahore Medical and Dental College and then completing his education at the University of Illinois’ Chicago College of Dentistry.

This dentist’s desire to help extends beyond our dental office. He has volunteered for the Thalassemia Society of Pakistan — an organization dedicated to treating children with the inherited blood disorder thalassemia. He’s also a volunteer for the American Red Cross.

When Dr. Dar isn’t in the office, he’s a bit of a thrill seeker. It’s nothing for him to get on a motorcycle, feel the wind in his face, and go where the road takes him — that is when he isn’t feeling that adrenaline rush from skydiving. But he also relishes those relaxing moments with his wife and son, like when they pack up for a camping trip and enjoy the great outdoors.


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"Dr. Dar and his staff are absolutely amazing. From the time I filled out new patient paperwork to the time I walked out with my new crown, everyone went out of their way to make sure I was as comfortable as possible. They knew how nervous I was and really made the procedure so easy! I couldn't be happier to call this place home. I really can't thank them enough!"

- Nathan B.


Dr. Berger smiling

Dr. Robert Berger


Dr. Berger smiling
  • Dr. Berger grew up in Los Angeles but eventually made his way to Henderson to enjoy what the Las Vegas area has to offer.
  • His desire to be an orthodontist stems from his personal experience of needing braces as a teenager and how much they boosted his confidence.
  • You can catch him surfing, golfing, spending time with his wife and children, or exploring all Las Vegas.

Dr. Berger began his journey in Los Angeles, CA but moved to Las Vegas to pursue his career. Whether it was the lights, glam, or entertainment, he found himself wanting to move to the Vegas area, leading us right up until today.

Interestingly enough, Dr. Berger’s desire to become an orthodontist started early. When he was a teenager, he needed braces to correct his teeth. He found them to be a huge confidence boost and wanted to be able to do the same for others in the same position, and today, he’s doing it all with the latest technology.

Dr. Berger can treat people of various ages, including those still in early childhood. He offers the options of both braces and Invisalign and can even provide orthognathic jaw surgery-support treatment (a fancy word that means realigning the jaw and teeth surgically). Besides his career, Dr. Berger also enjoys golfing, surfing, spending time with his family, and exploring everything Las Vegas has available.


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"Absolutely amazing place! Dr. Berger was so kind and made my son feel comfortable. The staff was the absolute best throughout entire process start to finish! Highly recommend this gem of an office! "

- Nicole S.


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Nikki Folk


Nikki Folk smiling
  • Nikki grew up in Maui (Aloha!) but later relocated right here to Henderson in 2005.
  • During her college years, she worked in a dental office and loved working alongside the hygienist.
  • She enjoys working with patients and watching their smile transformations.

Nikki grew up in Maui, HI. While she spent over two decades there, she eventually decided to relocate to Henderson, NV, which led her to work for Inspirada.

Before Nikki joined our practice, she worked in a dental practice while in college. This experience gave rise to her interest in dental hygiene. During this time, she shadowed a hygienist at the office and watched her interact with the patients. Intrigued by her work, Nikki decided to pursue a career as a dental hygienist.

Today, she’s the one getting to interact with patients and enjoys getting to help patients with their smile transformations. In her free time, she’s usually with her children, traveling whenever possible.


  • Degree in dental hygienics
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"I had a fantastic experience there on Saturday regardless the long time. The dental assistant and the whole staff are very knowledgeable and professional. Big thanks to the hygienist who did a great job on cleaning my teeth. I will definitely be back."

- Nadine S.


Nikki Folk smiling

Jocelyn Zavala


Nikki Folk smiling
  • Jocelyn is originally from Orange County, California, although she has been an integral part of the Las Vegas community for over a decade.

  • Her passion for dentistry is rooted in her genuine love for helping people and her dedication to educating patients on the importance of oral hygiene.

  • Beyond her role as a Dental Hygienist, Jocelyn cherishes quality time with her family and delights in exploring new destinations during her travels.

Jocelyn is originally from Orange County, California, Jocelyn has been an integral part of the Las Vegas community for over a decade. With a degree in science and Dental Hygiene from the prestigious College of Southern Nevada, she brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our practice.

Jocelyn’s passion for dentistry is rooted in her genuine love for helping people and her dedication to educating patients on the importance of oral hygiene. She takes immense pride in transforming smiles and preserving teeth through personalized care and attention.

In the office, Jocelyn’s caring nature and meticulous attention to detail shine through in every patient interaction, ensuring a comfortable and positive experience for all.

Beyond her role as a Dental Hygienist, Jocelyn cherishes quality time with her family and delights in exploring new destinations during her travels. Embracing a healthy and active lifestyle, she prioritizes well-being and wellness.

Her commitment to dental care extends beyond the workplace, as she continually seeks personal and professional growth. Guided by the inspiring words of Mahatma Gandhi, “Learn as if you will live forever, live like you will die tomorrow,” Jocelyn aims to make a lasting impact on her patients’ lives.


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"My hygienist made me feel comfortable from the start. She gave me several tips for improving my oral hygiene. I highly recommend Jocelyn for her exceptional care and compassion. Thank you for making my first visit to this office a great experience!"

- Patty F.


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